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Vollrath 40793 Description

The smooth platens on this Vollrath 40793 commercial panini press are faster to clean than grooved platens, but they do not leave grill marks on the food. These cast aluminum platens are more lightweight than cast iron—heating up quicker but not retaining heat as well—suiting them for Texas toast and grilling meat and vegetables. The operator can adjust the temperature on the thermostatic controller and element channels in the plates ensure efficient heat transfer. Adjustable to suit different products, the handle enhances unit flexibility.

Product Details

  • Smooth platens are quicker to clean than ribbed alternative options
  • Cast aluminum platens are lightweight, heating up faster than cast iron
  • Triple-layered plates with element channels for efficient heat transfer
  • Adjustable handle enables users to set the press height to accommodate different foods
  • Durable, stainless steel housing simplifies cleaning
  • Thermostatic controller
  • Vollrath 40793 Specifications

    Spec AttributeSpec Value
    Plate MaterialAluminum
    Plate TypeSingle
    Plate Width17.5
    Product TypeCountertop Cooking Equipment
    ProductPanini Presses

Vollrath Single 120v Commercial Panini Press w/ Aluminum Smooth Plates (40793)

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