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Manitowoc Ice IDT0750A/D570 Description

The Manitowoc Ice IDT0750A/D570 Indigo NXT™ ice maker and bin combo can produce 680 pounds per day and stores as much as 532 pounds. Because of its fast cycles, it works great for busy restaurants. Production can be programmed based on how much ice is needed in a day or be delayed to save water outside business hours. The unit creates ice reliably using an ice-sensing probe that accommodates harsh water conditions, and to reduce downtime, the unit self-diagnoses issues and provides regular, preventive maintenance alerts.

This Manitowoc Ice IDT0750A/D570 ice machine and bin has a DuraTech® exterior that is resistant to fingerprints, smudges, and corrosion. Its storage area is lined in blue polyurethane and insulated to help prevent melting. The unit includes a scoop with a retaining lip that holds in ice and a guard that covers the knuckle and thumb. An internal scoop holder places the scoop over the ice cubes so the handle does not contaminate them.

Ice Maker Details

  • 680-lb. maximum daily production
  • 540-lb. AHRI-certified daily production
  • Produces dice cubes for sodas, cocktails, and other beverages
  • Dice cube size: 7⁄8 in. x 7⁄8 in. x 7⁄8 in.
  • easyTouch® display controls
  • Display icons streamline operation
  • Daily ice amount can be programmed
  • Delay production option helps save energy when ice is not needed
  • Self-diagnostics help speed up service calls
  • Alerts recommend preventive maintenance to extend unit's lifespan
  • Ice-sensing probe
  • Built-in AlphaSan® protection helps prevent slime growth between cleanings
  • Parts are removable when cleaning out the food zone
  • DuraTech exterior
  • Condenser is air cooled and uses R410A refrigerant
  • 12,800 average BTU; 13,700 peak BTU

Ice Bin Details

  • 532-lb. AHRI-certified storage capacity
  • Metal exterior with a corrosion- and smudge-resistant DuraTech finish
  • Blue polyurethane liner
  • Insulated, lift-up door stays open
  • Holder keeps scoop up and out of the ice
  • Scoop with thumb