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Groen BPM-30GC Description

This Groen BPM-30G Eclipse 30-gallon braising pan is designed based on ergonomics. The increased pan size is 10-inches deep for a true working capacity of 30 gallons. The pan houses a heavy 5⁄8-inch-thick, steel-clad cooking surface mounted on an open leg stand. The heavy plate prevents warping and distortion over time. This braising pan is heated by the gas burner/combustion chamber. This combination delivers more uniform heat transfer over the entire cooking surface. This fast, high-capacity pan heats to 350 degrees in only four minutes.

The braising pan has a one-piece cover with a full handle and vent. The handle is designed to maintain the selected cover position, while the vent controls moisture build-up. The pan has standard etch marks for precise measuring in both gallons and liters. The temperature is regulated by a precision thermostat for accurate cooking. The tilting motion of the manual crank is smooth-action and quick-tilting. It provides precise control during pouring, which prevents jerking and halting. The body of this Groen BPM-30G braising pan will tilt to vertical in just 24 turns and past vertical for easy cleanup.

Product Details

  • Gas heated
  • 30-gal. capacity
  • 10-in. pan depth
  • 5⁄8-in.-thick, steel-clad plate
  • 1-piece cover with full handle and vent
  • Designed for fast heat-up, fast cook times, and even cooking
  • Pan heats to 350 degrees F in just 4 minutes
  • Standard etch marks in gallons and liters allow for precise measuring
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Precision thermostat regulates temperature for accurate cooking
  • Tilting motion is smooth and quick
  • Standard mounting bracket for either right-hand, left-hand, or rear-mounted faucet
  • Water-resistant control box
  • Water resistance makes it less susceptible to water splashback or spray
  • Durable cover hinges
  • Center tilt design for pour path maximizes floor and aisle space
  • Bullet feet are field-retrofittable and interchangeable with flanged feet or casters
  • Overall dimensions: 381⁄2 in. W x 393⁄4 in. D x 431⁄2 in. H

Easy to Clean

  • Improved design makes cleaning easier around leg stands and edges
  • 3-in.-radius rounded interiors facilitate cleaning of corners
  • Stainless steel interiors with easy-to-clean sanitary finishes make cleanup efficient
  • Pan body tilts past vertical to assist in cleaning
  • Counterbalanced cover hinge warrants painless cleaning

Braising Pan, NG gas, 30-gallon capacity, 10" deep pan, 38" pan height, IPX6 water rated electronic Advanced controls with digital display, 1 minute to 10 hour timer,