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COMBI OVEN, GAS  UNOX XAVC‐06FS‐GPR ChefTop MIND.Maps™ Plus Combi Oven, gas, countertop, (6) 18" x 26" full size sheet or (12) hotel size pan capacity, MIND.Maps™ technology, programmable menu, 3‐3/16" shelf spacing, glass door, right‐to‐left door opening, stainless steel interior & exterior, 0.8kW, 120v/60/1‐ph, 82,000 BTU, NSF, cETLus, ENERGY STAR®

STANDARD COOKING FEATURES Programs ● 1000+ Programs ● CHEFUNOX: choose something to cook from the library and the oven will automatically set all the parameters ● MULTI.TIME: manages up to 10 cooking processes at the same time ● MISE.EN.PLACE: synchronises the insertion of pans so that all the dishes are ready at the same time ● MIND.Maps™: draw the cooking processes directly on the display ● READY.COOK: ready to use settings for a quick start Manual cooking ● Temperature: 86 °F – 500 °F ● Up to 9 cooking steps ● CLIMA.Control: humidity or dry air set by 10% ● Delta T cooking with core probe ● MULTI.Point core probe ● SOUS-VIDE core probe STANDARD TECHNICAL FEATURES ● ROTOR.Klean™: automatic washing system ● Automatic special washing behind the fan guard ● Cooking chamber in high-resistance AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded edges ● Triple glass ● Cooking chamber lighting through LED lights embedded in the door ● Tray supports with anti-tipping system ● Drip collection system integrated in the door and functional even with the door open ● 4-speed fan system and high-performance circular resistance ● Integrated DET&Rinse™ detergent container ● Integrated Wi-Fi ● Wi-Fi / USB data: download/upload HACCP data ● Wi-Fi / USB data: download/upload programs

UNOX Gas Combi Oven (XAVC‐06FS‐GPR)

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  • 1 ea 2 Year parts and 1 year labor warranty standard 1 ea UNOX.LONG LIFE4, extended warranty with certified installation (Pricing based on a 50 mile radius from installer, Additional charges may apply). UNOX Long.Life4 program includes the following, which remains subject to UNOX, Inc. Terms and conditions: 1.) Extended Warranty providing a 4yr/10,000 ON hours parts/1 yr labor warranty. Oven must be connected to the internet via Ethernet cable or WIFI and must remain accessible for remote login by UNOX. 2) Pre‐installation site inspection by an UNOX Certified Service Agent of the site where the UNOX equipment will be installed; Follow‐up instructions advising customer of any additional material needed for site preparation required prior to installation; Assembly, setting and leveling of the UNOX equipment & Final Hook‐up by Certified UNOX Service Agent. (1st 1011, 06FS, 10FS)

     1 ea Natural gas 1 ea XUC003 ChefTop MIND.Maps™ Plus First Installation Kit, includes water drain fittings & U‐trap, for single ovens

     1 ea It is the sole responsibility of the owner/operator/purchaser of this equipment to verify that the incoming water supply is comprehensively tested (Free Chlorine, Chloramine, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Silica, pH, TH (Total Hardness), Chlorides & Alkalinity) & if required, provide a means of water treatmeant that would meet the minimum requirements of the manufacturer's water quality standards as outlined on the product spec sheet. Non‐ Net Init ial: ______ Page 1 of 3Item Qty Description  compliance with these minimum standards will potentially damage this equipment and/or components & VOID the original equipment manufacturer's warranty 1 ea UX170‐52080A QT1+CR, QT Water Filter System, dual, (1) 10" CTO‐Q10 cartridge & (1) 15" CTO‐QCR cartridge, 20,000 gallon capacity, 2.5 gpm flow rate, reduces chlorine, taste & odor ‐ 6,000 gallon capacity, 0.5 gpm, reduces chloramine, 0.5 micron particulate. *Standard OptiPure® Limited Warranty of Physical Quality* 1 ea Water Filter installation ‐ must be purchased with corresponding unit LONG.Life4 and installation must take place at same time as unit installation (NOTE: Installation can only be purchased when the Water Filtration is also purchased from UNOX)  1 ea UX300‐05828A CTO‐Q10 Replacement Cartridge, 10", 15,000 gallon capacity, 1.5 gpm flow rate, 0.5 micron particulate, reduces chlorine, taste & odor. (Quantity 2 required for UX164‐00216CRA) *Standard OptiPure® Limited Warranty of Physical Quality* 1 ea UX300‐05831A CTO‐QCR QT Replacement Cartridge, 15", 6,000 gallon capacity, 0.5 gpm flow rate, 1 micron particulate, reduces chloramine, reduces chlorine, taste & odor. *Standard OptiPure® Limited Warranty of Physical Quality* 1 cs DB1015A0 UNOX Detergent & Rinse Plus, (10) 1 liter tanks, double concentrate, cleaning chemicals for Rotor. Klean™ (NET) 1 ea XUC002 ChefTop MIND.Maps™ Plus Safety double door opening kit  1 ea HS‐06‐FS Heat Shield, can be used for either left or right panel, for models XAVC‐06FS‐EPR, XAVC‐06FS‐EPL, XAVC‐06FS‐GPR & XAVC‐ 06FS‐GPL (Please note: each heat shield will add 2.5 inches to the side it is installed) (NOTE: Heat Shield should be used when the oven sides are installed within 18 inches of a heat source such as a grill or fryer)  1 ea XWARC‐00EF‐M ChefTop MIND.Maps™ Plus Intermediate Open Stand, for XAVC‐10FS & XAVC‐06FS models (WxDxH) 33 3/16" x 28 1/8" x 18 1/4"  1 ea XUC010 ChefTop MIND.Maps™ Plus Casters Kit with safety chains, 2 casters with & without brakes, for models XWARC‐00EF‐L/F/M/H, XWAEC‐08EF, XWVEC‐0811, XWVRC‐0011‐F/M/H 2 ea GRP 560 CHROMO.GRID, 18"x26", stainless steel 1 ea XUC008 ChefTop MIND.Maps™ Plus Cooking Essentials Start‐Up Kit, includes: (3) 18" x 26" CHROMO.GRIDS (GRP560), (1) 18" x 26" PAN.FRY (TG525), (1) 18" x 26" GRILL(TG530) & (1) 18" x 26" STEAM&FRY (GRP575), for models XAVC‐06FS, XAVC‐10FS & XAVC‐16FS

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