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The Jackson TEMPSTAR high-temp, door-type dishwasher is compatible with standard 20-inch-by-20-inch racks, and 18-inch trays fit through the 171⁄4-inch door opening. It washes 58 racks per hour in the 57-second normal cycle. There are also medium, heavy, and extra-heavy cycles for , so the unit suits to suit a variety of applications. The timer that is included can be used for all of these cycles. Making it easy to begin the cycle effortlessly, the machine has auto-start and auto-fill features.

The wash and rinse arms screw out easily, so they can be simply cleaned. Theyse have stainless steel nozzles that , and they are specially designed to provide a superior clean. The self-draining, stainless steel pump eliminates water from the wash cycle in the Jackson TEMPSTAR electric, door-type dishwasher. A booster heater is built into the unit to increase the temperature to 70 degrees Fahrenheit for sanitizing.

Product Details

  • 58 racks per hr. in the normal cycle, 30 racks per hr. in the medium cycle, 20 racks per hr. in the heavy cycle, or 12 racks per hr. in the extra-heavy cycle
  • 57-sec. normal cycle, 117-sec. medium cycle, 117-sec. heavy cycle, 297-sec. extra-heavy cycle
  • Compatible with 20-in. x 20-in. racks
  • 18-in. trays fit in the 171⁄4-in. door opening
  • Auto-start and auto-fill features make it easy to start a cycle
  • Built-in, 70-degree F rise booster heater increases sanitizing water to the proper temperature
  • Sani-Sure™ feature makes sure that theheats rinse water toreaches the proper temperature
  • Multi-cycle timer allows enables the operator to monitor the cycle time in any cycle
  • Interchangeable wash and rinse arms can be screwed out to simplify the cleaning process
  • Stainless steel nozzles provide a superior clean
  • Self-draining, stainless steel pump eliminates water from the wash cycle
  • Large scrap basket collects crumbs to prevent the drain from clogging
  • Front dress panel protects the internal components from damage
  • Adjustable bullet feet can be used to level unit on uneven floors

Jackson High Temp Door-Type Dishwasher w/ Built-In Booster (TEMPSTAR)

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